The ACP Content Library

Our video library consists of over 300 videos in 20 different languages.

They address a range of issues and fall under four categories: Video Decision Aids, Free Standing Educational Videos, Caregiver Videos, and Training and Implementation Videos.

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Patient Experience

Patients enter a short alphanumeric code to view content shared with them by their health care provider.

Share Content with Patients

Quickly and easily prescribe videos and guides with a few clicks. Patients receive a short alphanumeric code via printed handout or a link via email or text.

Safe and Private Patient Codes

My ACP Decisions does not collect any PHI or other patient sensitive information. Patients access their content with a short alphanumeric code.

Verify Patient Activity

The system tracks when a video is watched or a guide is opened. Clinicians can use their order history to verify if patients received their care.

Access the Content Library

Clinicians and Administrators have access to nearly 300 videos and documents in 20 languages. Check out the categories above to learn more.


Ensure your project’s success with robust reporting. You can drill down to see how your clinicians are prescribing the content library, view trends over time, and export raw data.

Invite the Team

Administrators manage access to the platform, add users to the system, manage their performance, and organize them into groups.

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