We always want to understand how our videos will support the aims of our organizational partners from their own perspective, as opposed to drawing our own conclusions.  We will ask questions to learn about your organizational aims and to understand the “Big Why” from your perspective.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Where can I find information about licensing these videos?

Please provide your name, email address and additional information on our Contact Us page.

What types of organizations does ACP Decisions partner with?

We enter into partnerships with a variety of different healthcare organizations including, but not limited to, health insurers, health systems, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, community collaboratives, and independent practice associations. We strongly prefer to enter into partnerships with organizations that are willing to commit the necessary long-term internal resources to improve advance care planning for patients and their families.

How much does this cost?

We license our video library and platform at least for a 12 month period. Our pricing is based on several different factors including a commitment to:

  1. include the ACP Decisions Program as part of a larger long-term quality improvement initiative; and
  2. collect and analyze outcome measures as a basis for quality improvement.

What information will you need from me before you can offer pricing?

Each organization is unique, so we need to have a conversation (or more likely a series of conversations) to help us better understand your situation, priorities, and motivation(s) for using our video library.  Once we have this information we can help you achieve your goals.  This process is the best way for us to help you make the adaptive change that is so desperately needed so that your patients/members can be at the center of and in control of their care.

We will need to learn about:

  1. the member/patient population that your organization serves;
  2. your understanding of how our offerings will help your organization serve this population;
  3. executive sponsorship at your organization;
  4. how your organization trains people for having advance care planning conversations;
  5. your organization’s experience with QI focused implementation projects;
  6. the resources (e.g, tools, personnel, etc.) that your organization currently has that would support the implementation of our offerings;
  7. how your organization plans to measure success; and
  8. potential timeframes for implementation.

How do organizations use the ACP Decisions Video Library?

There are several different use cases for the ACP Decisions Video programs and organizations have different approaches when using the ACP Decisions Video Library. The best approach will depend on your organization’s unique culture, goals, and workflow considerations. What may work well in one location may not work well at yours. A key ingredient is making sure that all of the pieces are in place for a successful implementation.

Are your videos available outside the US?

Currently, our videos are only available to organizations within the United States.

Where do I go to sign in?

Once you have received a trial or licensed membership account from us, please log on at https://my.acpdecisions.org/

How do I watch the videos without an internet connection?

The ACP Tools App is available for iOS and Android devices and provided offline playback functionality.

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